Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Meet the boys

Hi Amazing people,

Before we start, let me introduce my boys and myself :-) 

This is the "Monkey Brain" real name Benoa Bali (named after our favorite place in the beautiful Island Bali, called Tanjung Benoa).  He's just started school at kindergarten this year. He is very cheeky and a smart boy. He is also very lovable, sweet and a very helpful big brother. He likes porridge and cereal for his breakfast, and he loves candy & Ice cream (who doesn't!) :-)

And this is our "Little Bear" real name Arthur Neo (named after King Arthur and Neo as new because he was born on New Year's Eve). He is my 2nd boy who just turned 8 months old. He is such a very happy little boy and has very strong legs (He loves to stand up ever since he was 3 mo). His favorite foods are apple sauce and mummy's green smoothie :-D 

As well as my wonderful husband, these two little dudes are the best gifts that God has ever given to me. I have been blessed and honored (cursed :-)) every single day, to be chosen to raise and have them as my children. They both are my world, my inspirations and my life. 

Lastly, this is me, the mother, the paparazzi, the stylist, the personal assistant, the body guard, and the personal chef AKA the Maid.


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