Wednesday, September 10, 2014

About Erwinasland

Hello There!

Welcome, my name is Erwina (Er-Wee-Na), I am a stay at home mom with two sweet boys and a wonderful husband. We currenly live in a small beautiful town with southern hospitality. 

I am a regular mom who love to dress up and look stylish - especially for my boys. I want them to look cute and stylish but life has never been easy for us, so it taught me to always shop smart and be creative. Paying full price is a BIG NO NO to me! I always look for a sale, discount or clearance and of course coupons!! 

Living in a small town, finding cute outfits is little bit tricky, especially for boys, because boys clothes are normally boring (I know, I know I was wrong :-))  and shops here are not too many, I have to drive at least 100 miles to go to a big city to find better shops, which is why I’m completely addicted to online shopping.

Therefore, I created this blog, because I want to share my thoughts/inspirations with you and as a fun & friendly way to connect with other parents. Through this blog, I will find you cute outfits for our special little men and for you, mom as well. Of course all is on a budget because I know that not everyone can afford expensive clothes.
I hope you will join in with me (I am an easy going person and a really friendly down to earth girl, I promise) and please feel free to leave your comments or you can contact me directly, via email at


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