Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How to style Beani hat on a Baby Boy

Hello there!

So here are some outfit inspirations for your little man wearing beani hat.

I know, it is so hard to put a hat on a baby and even harder to keep it still, but hey! it makes a huge different without the hat, trust me!

All the beanis were purchased from eBay! They only cost me less than $2 each! But man, it took me at least 2 weeks for them to come.

You can find them here



You can buy a nice beani from H&M or Old navy or  Gap, but personally I love them (from eBay) better.

I hope you will like them and enjoy dress up your cuties :-)


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Meet the boys

Hi Amazing people,

Before we start, let me introduce my boys and myself :-) 

This is the "Monkey Brain" real name Benoa Bali (named after our favorite place in the beautiful Island Bali, called Tanjung Benoa).  He's just started school at kindergarten this year. He is very cheeky and a smart boy. He is also very lovable, sweet and a very helpful big brother. He likes porridge and cereal for his breakfast, and he loves candy & Ice cream (who doesn't!) :-)

And this is our "Little Bear" real name Arthur Neo (named after King Arthur and Neo as new because he was born on New Year's Eve). He is my 2nd boy who just turned 8 months old. He is such a very happy little boy and has very strong legs (He loves to stand up ever since he was 3 mo). His favorite foods are apple sauce and mummy's green smoothie :-D 

As well as my wonderful husband, these two little dudes are the best gifts that God has ever given to me. I have been blessed and honored (cursed :-)) every single day, to be chosen to raise and have them as my children. They both are my world, my inspirations and my life. 

Lastly, this is me, the mother, the paparazzi, the stylist, the personal assistant, the body guard, and the personal chef AKA the Maid.


About Erwinasland

Hello There!

Welcome, my name is Erwina (Er-Wee-Na), I am a stay at home mom with two sweet boys and a wonderful husband. We currenly live in a small beautiful town with southern hospitality. 

I am a regular mom who love to dress up and look stylish - especially for my boys. I want them to look cute and stylish but life has never been easy for us, so it taught me to always shop smart and be creative. Paying full price is a BIG NO NO to me! I always look for a sale, discount or clearance and of course coupons!! 

Living in a small town, finding cute outfits is little bit tricky, especially for boys, because boys clothes are normally boring (I know, I know I was wrong :-))  and shops here are not too many, I have to drive at least 100 miles to go to a big city to find better shops, which is why I’m completely addicted to online shopping.

Therefore, I created this blog, because I want to share my thoughts/inspirations with you and as a fun & friendly way to connect with other parents. Through this blog, I will find you cute outfits for our special little men and for you, mom as well. Of course all is on a budget because I know that not everyone can afford expensive clothes.
I hope you will join in with me (I am an easy going person and a really friendly down to earth girl, I promise) and please feel free to leave your comments or you can contact me directly, via email at ewinaza@hotmail.com.